"Prep for Impact" is your front-row seat to inspiring journeys of resilience and transformation. Guided by former Special Forces soldier Matt Parrish and backed by the Green Beret Foundation, the podcast transcends military borders, bringing together eminent figures from the worlds of sports, business, and beyond. Dive into "Prep for Impact" - your compass through life's challenges.

Navigating Your Next Ridgeline

The name Prep for Impact signifies our belief that life revolves around impact—the impact we make on the world and the impact the world makes on us. It underscores the importance of preparation—whether it's preparing to make a positive impact or bounce back from a negative one. Every two weeks you'll hear a new episode that features in-depth conversations with high-performing individuals from the special operations, business, sports, or nonprofit world who've made a significant impact in their respective fields. Our guests share their experiences, insights, and wisdom - providing you with practical advice and inspiration to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


New episodes dropping every two weeks on Wednesday mornings

The Green Beret Foundation

The Green Beret Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to supporting America's U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers and their families. They provide emergency, immediate, and ongoing support to Special Forces Soldiers and their families. The foundation is committed to growing and sustaining the needs of the Special Forces regiment for decades to come. Since its inception, the foundation has invested over $15 million in support of the Special Forces community, providing aid to more than 13,000 families with 87% of every dollar going directly into their programs and services.

About the Host

Meet Sergeant Major Matt Parrish, your guide on "Prep for Impact." A seasoned Green Beret and a luminary in the world of Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Matt's navigated the world's toughest terrains, from Afghanistan to Iraq, in support of critical global missions. His experiences, reflecting resilience, transformation, and leadership, provide a unique compass to guide you through life's pivotal moments.

Honored with multiple awards including three Bronze Stars, and a Summa Cum Laude graduate in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis, Matt is more than equipped to lead this voyage of discovery. Join him on "Prep for Impact" - a journey into resilience, transformation, and above all, impact.

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